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February 21, 2009

The Un-Secret

Are you sitting in your lounge chair with your eyes closed, pretending you are driving a red sports car at high speed through the city of your dreams. Are you making car noises and feeling the vibration of thrusting pistons in a V12 with every cell of your being?

Like most of us, I get to thinking sometimes. What I think about a lot is Rhonda Byrne and her “secret’! And then I get a teeny bit annoyed.

Once upon a time, people did not know what they did not know. And then Rhonda came along and all of the sudden, millions of people now know what they don’t know. Oops! Depression!

The Secret book and movie is such an abstract view of the ‘secret’ Law of Attraction. It could be nothing else. And people have been trying to find some certainty for themselves within this ‘secret’. The result of not finding certainty in the abstractedness of a Universal Law has caused angst for many. Sure, some people pretend they have a ‘handle’ on the Law of Attraction, but I’d bet they still are baffled and fall short.

Certainly, they don’t just take their own advice. There is a difference between sitting in your fake automobile with your eyes closed, smelling the imaginary leather whilst making animalistic ‘vroom vroom’ noises and actually being the person in the movie that is telling you to do these silly things that lead to frustration and depression.

You are broke, playing imaginary cars and the other guy is getting paid to tell you how to play.

That’s right. He’s got the cash and you are still fiddling with your gear stick!

I went to a course recently where they had us make up new Dream Boards. The objective was to teach us a twenty second a day technique that will bring the objects of desire directly to us. It’s the equivalent of teaching us to wank over our goals. Ooh Baby, your mine and I’m so gooood!

Anyway, no need to get myself excited.

Here’s the facts. Some people got together and made a movie about a so called secret. The public at large finds the secret and shares the secret and do what they are told. People drool over vision boards, grab imaginary steering wheels, let good feelings run through their bodies and believe that it’s all possible… just like Peter Pan.

Then it happens. Nothing.

Next stop is to question ourselves and for a fee, there is always someone there to let us know what we have done wrong. And what they say is usually the exact opposite of what they did. Who went looking for and found… “The Secret behind the Secret” or something similar, ‘boxed and priced’ just right for you!

These folks do not preach what they practice. Theyt make it up as they go along and sometimes it’s blatant. Even in the Secret movie, the vision board guy had his vision board in a box for seven years. He got the exact house that was locked away in a box for seven years, and the instructions are that we should hang these on a wall and switch on the orgasmitron daily as we fix a gaze upon it! It’s just completely the opposite of what he did. If you remember watching the movie, he had to open the box to show his son what a vision board was. If he used them the way it is suggested, the kid would have known what a vision board was. And if he did not, his dad would only need to point to the wall next to his desk… right?

Why do they do that? Is it something about keeping their Secret a secret? Or is it that they just don’t know and are as confused as the rest of us? Maybe it’s a conspiracy to keep the masses depressed.

I believe it’s a great thing to have goals and I do believe in visualizing. Where I get off the train is at the station where they just make things up. That’s about the same stop where the brakes on the train begin to fail and if you don’t get away from them, you go off the rails.

Depression is the gap between what you want to be, do and have and what you are, do and have in reality.

From 1990 Ford Falcon to 2009 Bentley GT Continental convertible is a ‘gap’. For most of us, it may as well be the Grand Canyon. And we sit and we look across the giant chasm and become desperate for what we don’t have. And that is depression.

In business life, we’d look at this as a ‘gap’ as well. Perhaps a gap between budgeted figures and our actual results. In business, we’d analyze what we need to do to fill the gap, create an action plan and take action steps… lest the business and our income perish.

In personal life, for some reason, we sit helplessly staring at the other side of the valley resenting and regretting what could have / should have been. And then some bastard tells us to close our eyes and make vroom vroom noises.

All those things we did not know we knew before someone exposed a secret that is still a secret. If it is time to UN-Secret yourself and take on the beliefs of people that are rich… not just money rich, but relationship and health rich, well check out my web page at Chris Gibson.

It’s funny how life goes. I had the dream board people phone me while typing this article. Maybe they were hurting just a little bit and could feel me writing this? There is probably a Universal Law that will explain this phenomenon…. but until I know it precisely, it can stay in the box!


January 30, 2009

Manifesting & Abundance

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Manifesting & Abundance With Theta Healing

Everyone seems to be talking about the ‘global financial crisis’ and I guess that means most of us have concerns about our money and our futures. For many of us, we don’t need a full blown global crisis. Perhaps it’s just been a life pattern of never having received the income, the money luck or the job of our dreams.

Isn’t it about time that you had similar beliefs to Warren Buffett? Or maybe it’s just that you need to get rid of your doubts and fears surrounding money. That’s where we can help you to manifest the life of your dreams.

Contact Me or go to my Chris Gibson Healing Natural Therapy Page for more information.

Here’s one more testimonial

Dear Chris,

I thought I’d write to let you know how I am travelling after my healing
from just over a month ago. The most astounding thing for me was when you
healed our business. I really was a bit dubious about that but that very day
we had a sale and the sales have been quite consistent ever since. Pretty
impressive for this economic climate. We have suddenly found a buyer for one
of our business we have been trying to sell for a long time and yet another
outlet has been has been doing well sales wise…. but also the amount of
interest and email enquiries that we have received has increased in volume.
Just today both Des & I were singing the praises of Theta Healing to work
mates independently of each other (you will receive some emails from them

In gratitude
Lissa S
Port Douglas Qld
See details of the Manifesting and Abundance session below

Theta Healing is new and effective way to quickly identify negative beliefs and to replace those beliefs at an unconscious level with new and opposite beliefs that allow you to step into your true power.
Are you ready to re-create your life and

– Live in abundance?
– Be the healthy you and your ideal weight?
– Have the relationships of your dreams?

With Theta Healing we literally reprogram your beliefs around

Money, Health & Relationships

If you are going to have beliefs around money, why not choose to have the beliefs of Richard Branson, Donald Trump or Oprah.

We can help you have positive beliefs around health and nutrition that will move you towards your health goals easily.

Be Confident & Overcome the fears and emotions that hold you back from your highest potential.

Theta Healing can be used to support the healing of physical health problems, emotional distress, relationships, low self-esteem and patterns of sabotage that we create out of fear of truly being ourselves.

Theta healing can also be used to remove negative attached energies people, the land, houses and living spaces in much the same way as say Feng Shui…. only without buying frogs, coins and water fountains. Plants and animals respond well to Theta Healing.

Theta Healing
– Provided by Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner
– Distance healing is fine
– Sessions as required / recommended
– Healing on all levels; emotional, spiritual and physical
– Fee of $145 for 45 minutes or $170 per hour.
– Free 5 minute gift of Reconnective Healing for you to experience.

Special Theta Healing Manifesting and Abundance Session
– Provided By Manifesting and Abundance Teacher
– Distance is fine
– One time session with specific intention and belief changes around money and receiving.
– Healing on all levels
– Fee is $125 for 30 minutes.
– Free 5 minute experience of Reconnective Healing with each Manifesting & Abundance Session.

Email Me Or Contact me here

Chris Gibson

Reconnective Healer Level I/II
The Reconnection Level III

Certified Theta Healing Practitioner
Certified Theta Healing Teacher

Manifesting & Abundance Teacher
Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming)
Master Results Coach
Advanced Neurological Repatterning
Master of Ericksonian Hypnosis
Company Director with a 30 years history of sales management and training

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